Mar 11, 2011

Those Pesky Birds

I would estimate that Mr L'Orange and I have spent more than $50 and more than 10 hours trying to net our fig tree and keep the birds out. Can you imagine our frustration to keep finding pesky birds inside our net eating our ripe figs.

No matter how much we close up all the holes the frustrating winged creatures somehow find a way in, eat everything in sight, then break the net with more holes in a bid to get out. I end up running out to the fig tree like a woman possessed whenever I see a bird in there and they don’t care in the slightest.

We thought that if one bird got stuck in the net for a few hours it would fly away and tell its bird friends and we would be left in peace. This has not been the case, they have instead told their bird friends about the great party at our fig tree.

The only difference we have noticed has been that the birds have kept getting smaller and smaller (still with the same large appetites however). I’ve taken a pile of Mr L'Orange’s more naff C.D’s and strung them up inside the tree to act as a deterrent, fingers crossed this will make a difference.

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