Jul 7, 2011

All Our Ducks In A Row

After what seems like an enternity, but has really just been 3-4months, Mr L'Orange has finally finished installing our ducted gas heating. I can't quite put into words how cold a house gets with absolutely no heating and temperatures of -5 degrees outside, don't ever try it is the only way I can sum it up.

Having never attempted anything like this before Mr L'Orange soon got the hang of cutting holes in the ceiling and fiddling around with ducting insulation in the loft. In order to complete the job Mr L'Orange also managed to acquire a whole heap of tools which were absolutely necessary for the job, or so he told me. We also discovered all the good hardware stores in the area, I found the owners were generally super helpful whenever I went in to order anything.

Getting the huge unit into the loft was smartly done with a jack hired from Coates and the help of a trusty friend (it was pouring and blowing a gail the day they decided to do the job however!). Climate King decided to sell us the biggest ducted unit they could possibly find and then forgot to provide us with the thermastat or instruction manual which shows the excellent level of customer service you can expect there.

With the months ticking by, Mr L'Orange at last called in for some back up as my complaints about the cold intensified, Plumber Brendan came to the rescue. Our pocket rocket swiftly got everything connected, the return air grill boxed in and the flue through the roof. What a knight in shining armour, we got the heating finished just in time for our party! The return air grill has fitted nicely next to the fridge and we are going to paint the MDF with blackboard paint so we can have a kitchen blackboard.

The transformation now we have ducted gas heating is huge, we no longer need the electric blankets on to go to bed and the house stays warm for ages so it isn't so bad when you get up in the morning either. We have been quick to block up any drafts so we can retain more heat and we are thinking about insullating the floor next. Mr L'Orange is not as keen to embrace this project just yet.

If you are thinking about installing ducted I can't recommend it enough and if you do decide to do the work yourself you can save a couple of thousand dollars so it is worth all the hard yards.

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