Aug 8, 2011

The Renovators of Orange

Mr L’Orange and I have become engrossed in The Renovators on Channel Ten, but in a good way as it is spurring us on to do a heap of jobs around the house and garden. The only downside is that we don’t have half the skill as those on the show, we don’t have the tools, none of the budget and it takes us a lot longer than 4 hours to transform anything.
Anyway this weekend, my suggestion was to plant some small trees or bushes along the side of our driveway, copying one of the ideas from The Renovators Gardening Episode a couple of nights before. Mr L’Orange decided we first had to paint the fence so that everything would then look better after planting. I reluctantly agreed, knowing it would look good but wasn’t particularly in the mood for a whole weekend with a paint brush.
I got stuck in with the primer while Mr L’Orange nailed the broken parts of the fence back into place. Here are some pictures of our shabby fence when we started.

How to mend a broken wooden fence:
1)      Nail uneven posts into place
2)      Cut back branches and plants that are damaging the line of the fence
3)      Clean dirt and cobwebs from the fence
4)      Apply several coats of wood primer to the fence with paint brush and roller
5)      Apply paint in 2 coats to fence
Some painting in progress pictures:

Will put up more pics, once we get the plants in - watch this space.

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