Sep 9, 2011

Finished deck with furniture

Mr L'Orange & I put together our deck furniture in record time on Saturday morning and got to enjoying our new deck.

new deck table & chairs

Servery area for drinks, plates & food

This handy cupboard also hides the piping behind.

Easy access to the kitchen for clearing up and serving.

Deck lights

And some shots of the deck by night.

Romantic dinners prepared by Mr L'Orange....

Drinks on the deck

Pimms & lemondade - perfect!


  1. Your deck looks so great with the furniture all in place. I give applause to you for putting all the furniture together on your own and situating them on your gorgeous deck. What stain is that, by the way? It looks like light mahogany or dark cherry.

  2. Your deck looks great especially during the night. You did a wonderful job in choosing the furniture and items you put in your deck. The design is simple yet it looks serene. And, the candles create a soft glow and provide the right amount of light in the area. It's nice because it gave the place a very calm atmosphere.

  3. A wooden deck to a wooden wooden furniture and a romantic dinner; that's simply perfect! A deck, no matter how simple, has a lot of potentials; a nightcap with someone special, get together with buddies, or a deck party with your neighbors. ||