Jan 10, 2012

Bumper Veggie Patch Harvest

After a 6 month growing period, our Spanish onions which started off as tiny seedlings are now ready to pick and taste delicious.

If anyone is after a quick growing easy vegetable to add to the patch then zuchini (courgette) has to be the one. We planted ours about 6 weeks ago and we now have a bumper crop and one huge zuchini which could be mistaken for a marrow.

We have been busy cooking up a storm of zuchini based recipes, we have done zuchini fritters, added zuchini to salads and are going to give zuchini muffins a try. I've discovered that you can also freeze chopped up zuchini in zip lock bags and then just pull it out and add it to stir frys, currys or pastas as you need it. 

We managed to make our first full salad all with ingredients from the veggie patch which we are very proud of. Just need to wait a few more days until we get more rich veggie pickings.

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