Jan 2, 2012

Goodbye Sheds, Hello Timber Fence

In the beginning there were many many sheds in our L'Orange garden...

Our sheds when we first moved in

The leaky garage

We often pondered what anyone would do with five sheds and a garage, what could anyone possibly fill them with?

I'm sorry I don't have more photos to show you of the sheds in all their ugly glory, I obviously subconsciously made sure the sheds were never in shot.

The sheds & garage stretched the whole length of one side of our garden and there was no boundary fence in between, just our neighbours sheds backed up against ours.

So one day we decided to regain a large chunk of our garden and demolish the sheds (which were empty & unused), a task Mr L'Orange took to with gusto.

What you can do with a new sledgehammer

Then after 2 full skips, 6 trips to the dump, a few arguments with the neighbour and lots of hard work from Sam from Timberwood we got a fabulous new fence.

Old fence joins new fence

Stretching down to the bottom of the garden

No sheds just lovely fence
Th new view across the garden

Our neighbours sheds in her own garden now!

With the sheds removed and the fence installed, our garden now seems much bigger, neat and tidy. The fence just took a couple of days to install, the demolishing and clean up took about a week. We are really happy with the new addition and I am getting in 'the zone' to paint it very shortly.

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