Apr 30, 2012

F.O.O.D Week Forage

Lou ready for action

On Saturday, Lou, Mr L'Orange and I, joined over 600 others on the F.O.O.D Week Forage, which is basically a meander through the countryside stopping frequently for food and refreshments. We set off by bus from Union Bank on an absolute stunner of a day and travelled to our first stop Koomooloo Vineyard, home to Philip Shaw Wines.

Mr L'Orange warming up
Our handy wine glass holders

After a glass of Edinburgh bubbles and a big chunk of gallantine we got our 'Forage briefing' and were encouraged to try the grapes on the vines, eat and drink plenty and to relax and take our time. I filled up with a splash of Word of Mouth Pinot Noir to help me get the few hundred metres to station number 2.

The views from our next stop were beautiful and made all the better by some tasty lamb and lentil soup by Bistro Cello and my favourite wine of the day Cumulus Chardonnay.

Delicious wine, poured by winemaker Debbie Lauritz.

The food on Forage was all prepared by local chefs and tops restaurants in the area. My favourite dish was the venison with beetroot risotto. Lou meanwhile loved the panacotta with fig and crumble.

Station 3 offered the divine Brangayne Pinot Noir accompanied by a mushroom pie made by Tony Worland from Tonic. The pie was made from scratch and very tasty however, the inside was scalding hot and the pie would disintegrate with each bite making it seriously lethal. Mr L'Orange and I walked away from station 3 with scalds on our lips, hats and stains all down our clothes - sexy!

What a spot for lunch
Our favourite stop was station 4, as it had views over a pretty dam, live acoustic guitar music, awesome food and great red wines. A group of tipsy OAP's were even up dancing/skipping much to the amusement of everyone watching.

It was getting hot so we headed off in search of some shade and a bit more Forage action. After struggling up a slight incline, we were rewarded at station 4 with a delicious apple, lime & mint sorbet and a glass of Moscato - yum!

Enjoying the sorbet

Sitting in the shade of the vines
We finished off our Forage at Orange Highland Wines & Gardens, where there was another band (catering to the older market) and a selection of cheeses, dessert and coffee. We got the chance to mingle in the beautiful gardens with the walkers from other groups and to sample just a few more wines before getting on the bus for home.

The end of a perfect day
If you haven't tried a Forage before, it is definitely something to add to your 'must do' list, an amazingly well organised day out that made memories which will be treasured for a long time.


  1. Fantastic post! I love that you loved the venison!

  2. Glad you got the breifing and took lots of great photos and posted them and blog the Forage. see you and more next year. James