Apr 6, 2012

One Week Until F.O.O.D Week

The countdown has begun for gourmet heaven - Orange style. From next Friday we get to enjoy 10 days of delicious local cuisine intermingled with top chefs and great wine as part of F.O.O.D Week.

The 100mile dinner and the newly introduced Forage are always sell outs however there are still plenty of spaces available for other lunches, dinners and events. Click here for the F.O.O.D website.

The weather is superb at the moment, hot sunny days with clear blue skies and then slightly cooler evenings, plus the leaves are starting to change colour so city looks beautiful. If you are at a loose end the weekend after Easter then venture to Orange for something different.

Lots of my girlfriends are coming up from Sydney for wine, food & a girly gossip next weekend. I'll report back on all our F.O.O.D Week adventures shortly. We are looking forward to trying out 'Table for 10' at the Byng St Store.

Hope all LALO readers have a wonderful Easter break, speak to you soon.

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