Jul 28, 2012

Outdoor Chair Restoration Project

This renovation project has only taken me about 12 months, but at last I have finished my outdoor wooden chair restoration project (cheers and applause please).  My second hand chair was purchased from the Mitchell St Auction House in Alexandria ages ago for a bargain price.

I’m starting to realise that I am pretty good at finding awesome pieces that require restoration at knock down prices but less good at actually doing the restoration work. Luckily Mr L’Orange helps a little bit when a tire of sanding, which is typically within one hour of starting.

The whole chair has been cleaned, sanded back, oiled and new cushions purchased for that total ‘lie back and relax’ Sunday afternoon siesta. Alternatively, it makes the ideal reading corner or sipping of wine spot after a hard day of DIY/gardening. 

The main benefit is that the chair is only big enough for one bottom so quite handy when you wish to sneak off by yourself for some R & R.

Mr L’Orange is going to tighten up the bolts at the back so the whole chair doesn’t slam shut on some poor child’s hand. This would of course happen to us on the rare occasion when children venture into our garden, but I guess would enforce the rule about not touching things in other people’s houses or in this case garden.

Restoration Review
Hardest bit: trying to sand in between all the rungs of the back of the seat and dealing with uber dry hands after lots of sanding.

Best bit: finishing the project & placing the chair on the cabin verandah. 

Cost Breakdown:
Second Hand Chair from auction house - $60
Deck Oil – $10
New Cushion - $12
Total cost: $82

Similar chair purchased brand new from Freedom or Le Forge is $160 so well worth the effort!

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