Oct 23, 2012

Dog A L'Orange - 9 Weeks

If our puppy was a child he would be hitting the 'terrible twos' at the moment, as he has suddenly become very naughty. He has mastered how to climb up the inside of his puppy pen (in the style of Spiderman) and then escape over the top which has lead to fun and games when we try putting him to bed at night.

In the pen, for now.
He has also started biting and chewing pretty much everything in sight, he has no real interest in any of his doggy toys and much prefers shoes, pegs, clothing, brooms and plants. Bailey's amazing sense of smell coupled with his huge appetite has led him to find a large bag of sealed dog food, rip it open and then eat half the contents. Mr L'Orange and I then got the pleasure of enjoying two hours of totally energised, out of control puppy who had eaten 10 dinner's worth of food in one go!

Last night was a major turning point, as Dog A L'Orange pushed our patience one paw too far. The puppy decided to do a poo in the house, on our carefully stored away rug. This was despite having just been out in the garden and being pretty much house trained.  

Mr L'Orange quickly told the puppy off and placed him outside as punishment, however Bailey seemed to think it was some big game and was still wagging his tail and trying to ram his way back through the door into the house, much to the anger of Mr L'O. So the rolled up newspaper came out a good deal more 'firm chastisement' which resulted in the puppy looking down, tail between legs and then running under the bbq cover to hide.
Cute looks - naughty behaviour
This dog is clearly not use to us being firm as he didn't want to come out from the bbq cover over an hour later! We did both feel sorry for wee Bailey but he did need to learn a lesson and hopefully one telling off will have been enough. 

Puppy classes start on Monday so it will be a good opportunity to get him socialising with other dogs and hopefully sorting out some of his naughty puppy behavioural issues!

Happily biting a stick

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