Nov 15, 2012

Life A L'Orange - Garden Update

The veggie patch is producing lots of tasty beetroot at the moment, they don't seem quite as big as last year but they are full of flavour and we have been roasting them up with some olive oil and caremlised balsamic vinegar to have with bbq's.

I have added some dill to the herb garden as we want to start using it more with fish and to make nice wee dips over summer. We currently have enough different lettuces to enjoy salads every day of the week if we want, the spring onions are also ready.

The zucinni, eggplant and capsicums have all managed to survive Bailey and are growing nicely at the moment - it will be ages before we get anything to eat though. I planted 2 more tomato plants into the veggie patch so we will get some nice orange coloured tomatoes for salads and some larger red heirloom ones for roasting. Last year's tomatoes were rubbish, so I'm hoping there is a massive improvement this year.

The peas are growing well (see where the stakes are) and we have lots of berries on the blueberry bush this year. The newly planted raspberry plants are also still alive despite Dog A L"Orange tearing past them at high speed when he has a mad five minutes.

Most exciting news is that our fruit trees look the heathiest we have ever seen them, even the apricot and dodgy plum tree that was pretty diseased last year. Just goes to show what some love care and a fair bit of rain can do!

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