Nov 13, 2012

Yellow Garden Bed

After pouring through lots of gardening books and magazines, I got the distinct vibe that good flower beds have a theme.

With our large front bed, I decided to only plant things that were green or yellow which actually makes it much easier when trying to work out what to put in.

This is the yellow bed so far, bear in mind that most of the perennials have only just been planted so it will be a while before their yellow flowers start to show.

You can see in the background our Red Devil hedge which is taking forever to grow, luckily we only get the red leaves in spring so the hedge is green the rest of the time. There are a few other coloured flowers that were already in the bed, such as the roses, however by and large it is going to be yellow all the way from now on.

We’ve chosen yellow as we already had a very pretty yellow bush in the front bed and also yellow is supposed to be a calming colour, hence why Mr L’Orange only ever buys me yellow flowers! In future, we will be able to pick them from the garden.

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