Feb 14, 2013

Flix in the Stix - Orange

We eagerly packed our picnic basket, aired out the rugs and headed along to Flix in the Stix held in the Orange Botanic Gardens. This was the first time we had attended this event and were really looking forward to an evening of short film, music and socialising with friends. Mr L'Orange and I had even had a nap in the afternoon to prepare ourselves for a late night! Dog A L'Orange still wakes at 6am every weekend and has not learnt the concept of a 'lie in' as yet.

There were free boxes of popcorn as you walked in, a licensed bar, wood fired pizzas and of course a giant screen. We settled into position with our friends and started nibbling on the mountain of food that everyone had brought along. 

The atmosphere was lovely and everyone was in an excellent mood and keen to enjoy the entertainment.

I had just got a Little Creatures beer in hand when I felt the first few heavy raindrops. The grey clouds loomed and suddenly there was absolute pandamonium as the heavens opened and lightening flashed across the sky.

Everyone rushed to grab free ponchos hoping it would just be a passing shower, but as the storm showed no signs of abating the organisers had to cancel the event as the lightning was too dangerous. Hundreds of wet people gathered all their belongings and trudged out of the Botanic Gardens to the bedlam of the carpark.

On a positive note, whilst waiting to get out on to the road we watched the most amazing lightning storm and heard huge rolls of thunder and then headed home to drink wine and finish off the feast. Nobody went to bed until 1am so a pretty good night despite the weather!

Good news is that the Flix in the Stix - Orange has been rescheduled for March 2nd - see you there!

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  1. It sounds like a fun event! I love these outdoor cinemas-on a non rainy day best :)