Mar 15, 2013

Millamolong Polo Carnival 2013

My country style outfit is at the ready (jeans, boots and nice top!), we have a fabulous picnic menu planned, transport is organised and lots of friends are coming to stay because we are off to the Millamolong Polo Carnival this Saturday!

This year we have booked a marquee and are taking a bbq so we have delicious hot food cooked to order throughout the day - by one of the men! I have also made a few yummy platters to keep everyone sustained whilst beverages are consumed during polo play.

To get a feel for the polo, check out this video of the Millamolong Polo Carnival action.

I'm expecting pretty much the same level of horse and strapping men excitement as prior years just with more friends joining us for a great day out. If you are at a loose end this weekend then head out to Millamolong, there is a bar and food tents there so you can just turn up and enjoy.

Post polo everyone is headed back to our place for some curries and more drinks - roll on the weekend I say! Dog A L'Orange will be left home alone all day so we hope there won't be too much garden destruction upon return. 

Our cunning plan is to take him on a long exhausting walk in the morning and then leave him with some big frozen bones to chew. Will tell you all about it next week!

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