Sep 8, 2013

Early Spring in Orange

Mr L'Orange and I escaped for a well needed break to the South Coast of NSW last week. It was totally relaxing and the weather was a good 10 degrees warmer than Orange so we were both happy.

Our first daffodils are out
When we got back to the ranch, we were shocked to find all the fruit trees in blossom and the spring bulbs out a good month earlier than usual.

The weather has continued in the low twenties ever since and we feel that winter is truly behind us, lets hope so! The fruit trees are looking the healthiest we have ever seen them and are completely covered in blossom.

I got busy and thinned out the little lemon tree, so that it gets the chance to grow upward over the next few months rather than remaining the clumped little bush it had turned into. I had no idea what I was doing, but it does now look more like a tree so I'm hoping I've helped rather than hindered.

Dog A L'Orange with Lemons
It was also a good opportunity to harvest all the remaining lemons from the tree, there were so many!

The good weather has meant the garden has gone a bit berserk in terms of growth so we are kept occupied with weeding, cutting the lawns, watering and feeding all the plants.

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