Dec 13, 2013

Gorgeous Gardens

Sorry for the complete lack of posts recently, my juggling of work/life balance has been zero plus my mum came out for a visit which has thrown me off track a bit!

One of the rather nice things we did whilst mum was here was to go on the Millthorpe Ramble for some garden inspiration.

We're hoping to do something like this at front of our house!
It was encouraging to see so many gardens that had been started from scratch just a few years ago and were now truly established, as if they had always been there.

Some pallet art - we love it!
As usual we had a few navigating issues, some of the gardens are bloody hard to find and miles away from Millthorpe but other than that it proved a great day out.

The poppies were beautiful
Here are some highlights from our favourite gardens on the day, obviously we had a strict judging system in place after each garden viewing!

Mum chilling in the gardens
Ideas for jazzing up the shed

Simple yet stunning

This english inspired garden was breath taking

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