Feb 22, 2014

Front Wall Make Over

One of the things that has been bugging me for ages is the state of the front of our house. The driveway had ugly weedy grass growing in patches and the front wall was a total mess. The paint has been peeling off and there were great big cracks everywhere, in short, a bit of an eye sore.

Mr L'Orange and I always managed to find something else to do other than the wall, but at long last I'm pleased to report it is renovated and complete. Sorry, I forgot to do the before photos but just imagine a really ugly white wall.

Newly painted in 'Dune'
Our wall at the front now has its cracks patched up and expansion gaps put in, plus a lovely fresh coat of paint to spruce it up, amazingly Mr L'Orange & I both agreed on the colour. 

Last task was for the mosaic numbers I had made to go up on the wall so people can actually find us! I'm hoping the bits of mirror on the numbers will help in the dark. 

Dog A L'Orange chewed off the mosaic tiles from the original numbers before I got the grouting done, so I actually had to do the job twice. Naughty puppy strikes again.

Mr L'Orange in action

Finished wall with no cracks!
The driveway is filled with pebbles and gravel plus we have made a flower bed down one side which is coming along nicely.

Dog A L'Orange surveying our handy work

Flowerbed with new buddlea cuttings
When the weather cools down a bit, Mr L'Orange and I are going to put a garden bed in front of the wall and fill it with our many many agapanthers and other blue plants which will look a lot nicer than the dry patch of grass there at the moment.

There is a big thing about reclaiming the verge here in Australia and I am fully behind it, plus it makes a great new home for the aggies & keeps walkers a bit further away from our house.

What do you think of the new look readers?

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