Feb 4, 2015

Sunday in Orange

We had a very interesting Sunday in Orange which kicked off with yoga in Cook Park. About 50 of us gathered at 9am to start the day with a stretch and some fresh air.

Spot the L'Orange!
The class was hosted by the lovely Emma from Positively Yoga to show off what she does best in a unique setting.

Looking up at the beautiful blue sky and huge trees made the yoga poses all the more enjoyable, Mr L'Orange even gave it a go!

Next stop was Burns and Co for one for their big auctions and where we hoped to pick up some pieces of furniture. I have been honing my auction bargain hunting skills by watching many house renovation and antique shows from the UK and felt ready to put my new found talents into action.

To our slight alarm the auction shed was completely full of keen buyers, however they all seemed to want hunting gear, mowers or kayaks so we had relatively little competition when it came to the furniture and sofas. The downside was that we had to wait 2.5 hours for the bidding to start on the items we wanted! Anyway at least we know for next time, we can go away, get a heap of jobs done and then come back.

I was loving holding up my little card and bidding against people, it was a total adrenaline inducing thrill and we picked up lots of bargains! We have spent so many weekends looking at the prices of furniture that we felt we had a really good idea of what we could expect to pay in a standard shop or on ebay.

To give you an idea, for $650 - we ended up walking away with the following brand new items:
wooden double wardrobe
2 seater sofa
3 cushions (that match the sofa)
wooden blanket box
wooden book shelf with some drawers
3 cube wooden stand
2 cube wooden stand

When collecting everything there were even some cushions left over that nobody seemed to want so Mr L'Orange just brought them home as well. We are thrilled with our garage full of goodies and relieved we could get everything locally rather than making another trek to Bathurst or Sydney.

After all the excitement, we relaxed by doing a heap of gardening and diy tasks before beer and the men's tennis finals to finish off the day.

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