May 22, 2015

Roof for the Deck

Ever since we got our deck built a few years ago we have been debating what to do about the roof. 
Deck Without Roof
Whilst lovely to enjoy al fresco dining and look up at the clear blue sky, it is also a bit annoying when you have dinner planned outside and just as you sit down there are a few drops of rain and the whole evening goes into abort mode.

We saw a lovely covered outdoor area with a vine running over the beams a couple of months ago and we decided we would like something similar. The carpenter who built our deck assured us that putting on a roof would be quick, cheap and simple - I was completely mislead on all fronts!

Deck with roof

We picked a clear plastic roof so we could let as much sun into the house during winter as possible, this meant more wooden beams needed to go up to ensure the plastic wouldn't bend and crack. 

We also made sure that special screws were used so we didn't get that annoying creaking sound that you sometimes find on covered areas. After a bit of staining action, everything came up really well.

We are hoping to get a little outdoor lounge or some comfy reading chairs to add to the deck along with some solar powered hanging lights and a nice green climbing plant.

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