Sep 21, 2017

Spring Garden in Orange

I have spent the majority of this winter primarily doing two things; being ill with one of the many bugs that the twiglets pick up at daycare (on what seems like a daily basis) and gardening. If anyone has any top immune building tips, please share them as nothing I'm doing seems to work!

Each week has been packed with either pruning, planting, moving things, laying irrigation, spraying, re-organising beds, leveling and the list goes on.

It has felt like an endless and rather thankless task, as none of the results are seen immediately, however now that spring has sprung it is a different story.

My bulb planting frenzy has brought a lot more yellow to the garden, a great calming colour apparently & something we certainly need much more of in our household. 

It is so much fun seeing all the bulbs pop up each week and bringing a burst of colour to our otherwise barren winter garden.

I definitely plan on planting even more bulbs next year as they are such an easy flower option and once planted require no effort whatsoever.

The fruit trees are covered in blossom right now and the little apple tree we planted last year is covered in fruit buds so exciting times ahead.

We have also added a dwarf mandarin and a full size cherry tree to our little orchard. Some of our bigger fruit trees don't have too long left in them (despite our best efforts to improve their health) so we are future proofing our fruit supplies!

In the front garden, we have planted 5 iceberg standard roses that run along the front wall and we have ripped out the old ones that to be honest, I never really liked and were pretty unhealthy anyway.

A plum gorgeous has gone into the corner of the garden, these plants have beautiful maroon leaves and bright pink flowers in summer. We have pulled out all the irises from their shady corner and moved them to sunnier garden beds where we can expect more flowers.

It feels that with all our hedging efforts, we have laid the foundations for what could be a really awesome garden one day.

Flowers and shrubs look at their best when balanced out by green structured plants as a backdrop. It is slightly annoying we didn't know to do this from the beginning but hey, better late than never.

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