Mar 28, 2011

Growth in the Garden

I had a busy Sunday in the garden, pruning back the fruit trees in a bid to get them happy and healthy by the time spring comes around. We have discovered that the fruit trees have never been sprayed ever and so they seem to be infested with all kinds of different insects and in need of a heap of TLC.

I decided to be totally ruthless this time around and cut the tree back as much as possible to get them into a decent shape and more manageable size. I got busy with the clippers (my favourite tool in the garden shed) and then the saw. It was all good healthy autumn work, I made sure I was wearing plenty of suncream, gloves and a hat - v.handy as twigs often fell on me!

The trees now look as if they have all had a number 1 at the barbers but I'm sure will bounce back revitalised one I complete my tree rejuvenation campaign.

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