Apr 20, 2011

3 Blind Mice

As the weather has got colder, we have found that the mice have tired of the many sheds in the garden and would rather hang out in our nice warm house instead.

To Elena’s (our greek vintage hand) horror, there were mice running all over her bedroom one night so we moved into mice removal mode the next day. We have this special bait that the mice eat which then forces them outside where they then die. As a double measure we have also laid a heap of traps and Mr L'Orange has properly draught proofed the doors so there is no longer a gap underneath the door for them to crawl under. 

Apparently the mice problem is really common as soon as the weather starts to get colder and happens around the same time every year – great news!

Fingers crossed, we have done enough to get rid of the mice and they haven’t made their way into our pantry cupboard

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