May 25, 2011

Our Little Lemon Tree

When we first moved into the house we found a neglected little lemon tree in the garden, which didn't look healthy at all. I don't think it had been fed or trimmed in years and we wondered if we would ever get good fruit from it. Well eight months later, after lots of fertiliser, love and care our lemon tree is covered in fruit and we are feeling very proud.

The lemons are super acidic but a good size and there are plenty of them, let me know if you live in Orange and need something to go with your gin and tonic...

To try and use up our now plentiful supply of lemons, I am enjoying hot water with sliced lemon every day to ward off the cold weather and aid digestion and I am planning more lemon sponge cake (after a somewhat burnt first attempt things can only improve second time around!). I have heard preserved lemons are also easy to make and great with Morococan food so that could also be a possibility.
Let me know if you have any other ideas?

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