Jul 25, 2011

Getting the Vintage Look

With our move to rural NSW, I had lots of grand plans to renovate old furniture in one of our many sheds (we have 5) and to then have a home filled with rustic pieces which exude charm and character. Not too surprisingly, this plan is yet to materialise. So far I’ve only managed to refurbish a small mirror & a lamp shade - although it has to be said they do both look brilliant.

The mirror got a light sand and then painted with wood oil.

The lamp shade I picked up for $4 in a charity shop and then added to a cheap lamp stand from Target.
I don’t seem to have any problem spending money to buy up old things I just don’t seem to get around to the refurbishing stage. In summer, I decided I’d do everything during the winter when the weather was bad and now that the weather is miserable I never seem to find the time.

So my resolution is to dedicate a bit of blog space to my upcoming projects so I am forced to report on the progress.

Next project is the coffee table/bedside table which needs a light sand and stain and then a new table top added to it. I had thought about doing a mosaic table top but given my last mosaic attempt took months, I’m thinking some wood will be quicker and probably look better.

This is going to go in the guest room so I need to hope I’ve got the right colour stain, I’ll do a test patch and see how I get on.

After some sanding....

Last weekend I bought (with the help of our friends Rob & Ash) a big comfy wooden garden chair for $25 from a the Mitchell Rd Auctions in Sydney. It is in pretty good condition and just needs sanding and staining, the screws tightened and then new cushions purchased or made (I’m thinking purchased!). It will be perfect in summer, placed in the shade under one of the fruit trees. I’m already dreaming about sitting in it with a book, whilst sipping Pimms as Mr L’Orange busily tends to the garden and brings dip and crackers out for me at regular intervals...  

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