Aug 25, 2011

Building A New Deck

Our garden make over is about to get into full swing, we have plans for our new deck drawn up, builders locked in and materials due for delivery. If all goes well, the deck will be complete by early September, in perfect time for the start of spring.
This is the spot we have chosen for the deck, right outside the kitchen and lounge windows, completely north facing and with established trees down one side. As you can see, at the moment it is a bit of an ugly wilderness, which we are hoping to transform in the next 6 weeks. So far we have got rid of the huge gas hot water system that was conveniently placed right in front of the kitchen window, providing the less than stunning view whenever I was washing up. Our plumber also helped us move some old pipes out of the line of sight and installed a new and tiny instant gas hot water system around the corner from our deck.

Our steel footings

Our total deck size is 20 square metres (meaning we can avoid having to put plans through council) and we have opted to have a pergola with slats rather than a roof. We will either put up a shade sail or allow a climber to grow over the timber offering some shade in summer. Our lounge windows are being replaced with French doors which will open out on to the deck and offer an inside/outside feel during the warmer months.

Our merbau decking

Logistically everything needs to go in at the same time, so when the cladding comes off to install the new window and doors, the electrician will be putting in new wiring for the outdoor lighting and our deck builder can start laying the timber at the right height. We have decided to have our bbq area in front of the kitchen window which will act as a servery so food and plates can be passed back and forth. We are planning to help with the deck build as much as possible so we can pick up a few new skills and keep the costs down.

Make sure you keep coming back to this site so you can see the progress.

It took us months to get organised about getting the deck put in and this simple check list would really have helped. So we are passing it on so somebody else who is building a new deck can get the benefit.


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  2. Wow! Any post on the finished work? Very interested to know how it turned out. I like the color of the deck. Treated wood will definitely last longer because its surface is protected from different outdoor elements. :D

    - Kylee Groves -

  3. Hi Kylee,

    There are plenty of pictures of the finished deck on the blog, here are a few of the links:

    We are really happy with the end results and use the deck all the time.

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  5. Wow, looks like you’re good to go! It is a good idea for you guys to put up that deck as that area does look really barren. I also liked your idea of putting up a pergola instead of a roof. That way, it gives you a nice shade and will look very chic. What wood are you planning for the pergola? Might I suggest some red cedar? They’re weather-resistant and would stand against rains that usually ruin wood.

    Dennis Phillips