Aug 31, 2011

Head In The Gutter

Quite literally, as we finally got around to painting the gutters at the back of the house. Mr L’Orange
handled all the tricky high bits whilst I did the guttering around the flat roof and made lots of mistakes.

Never minding I’m planning to go back with some meths and get the mistakes wiped off, hopefully,
more annoyingly Mr L’Orange didn’t make any errors, it was only me! The back of the house is really
starting to look good and once the new windows, French doors and deck goes in, it is going to look

Other fun in the garden over the weekend, included clearing the deck area and taking all the old bits of concrete to the rubbish tip (with the help of Jo & Tully’s ute) and cutting back our diseased tree at the end of the garden and getting all the branches out to the tip.

We are both a bit concerned we have pruned back the trees too far and won’t get any fruit this year.
The nectarine tree is full of buds so we will have nectarines if nothing else, the others may just be budding a bit later this spring. We can always go fruit picking at the local fruit farms if we end up with an empty garden.

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