Oct 28, 2011

Front Garden Update

I’m very excited as the front garden beds continue to blossom. Our one year old camellia plant has had its first flower, at long last – it seemed as if the buds have been there but closed for the last 6 months!
If any readers have any recommendations on how best to care for camellias, please feel free to comment! It is currently in a sheltered shady corner close to the house, as I’ve seen others in Orange planted like this. But perhaps like me they also had no idea what they were doing!

Our irises have started to open out and are a beautiful pale yellow in colour, I planted in a few purple irises that I picked up at a garage sale at the weekend which I think will make a nice contrast.

Our little mop top tree finally has got some leaves and is looking very cute,especially as we get to enjoy it from both dining room and lounge windows.

I’ve transplanted some yellow pigface from the back garden into the front beds as I want to get more of a yellow theme happening. I have also planted a Stella Bella which should clump up nicely and add another shade of yellow to the front garden.

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