Nov 8, 2011

Getting Beetastic

The delicious deep pink beetroots just keep on coming from the veggie garden. In the last week alone we have had roasted chicken with roast beetroot & other veg, home-made burgers cooked on the bbq with sliced beetroot (boiled first of course). Then we tried a delicious beetroot salad which I mixed with fetta cheese, pine nuts some rocket and then drizzled with olive oil and caramalised balsamic vinegar – delish. Sorry dear readers, we wolfed this dish down so quickly after our epic day of painting, I forgot to get photos!
My next beetroot challenge is to make a beetroot dip from sour cream, chives, garlic and salt and pepper. Sounds gross and it is flurorescent pink but it tastes devine, will try it tonight! The real question is will it taste as nice as the ones I buy in the shops?
There are still plenty more beetroots in the garden fattening up, I’m thinking of trying beetroot & chocolate mini muffins next – anyone got a good recipe?
Through lots of cooking and eating beetroot, I have also become pretty good at removing beetroot stains from tablecloths and clothing.  So for anyone else currently getting beetastic, my top tip is to rinse the pink mark in hot water asap and leave to soak overnight if stain persists. I do believe, I am truly starting to become a domestic country goddess!

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