Dec 8, 2011

Life A L'Orange Update

Mr L’Orange’s parents and nana came to stay recently for a relaxing weekend and to participate in the Life A L’Orange garden working bee. To fill you in, having the inlaws to stay is pretty much like the Backyard Blitz team visiting the garden, so we love it! Especially Mr L’Orange as all the jobs I’ve been nagging on to get fixed for months get magically repaired whilst Mr L’Orange Senior is around.
The inlaws are amazing with their garden knowledge, hands on attitude and seemingly limitless stamina, unlike Mr L’Orange who tires easily. With their help, the front garden got yet another dramatic make over, with plenty of new cuttings planted on either side of the driveway including: a variety of geraniums, yellow pig’s face, pink fuschias, white daphne, daisys and succulents.

Our new front door display

Garden beds tidied up
The trees along our side fence got a major cut back to allow more light for the plants underneath. Plus all the weeds growing in amongst our garden beds were hauled out under nana’s supervision. I was blissfully ignorant and thought they were plants all of this time.
I got busy in the back garden putting all the cherry tomato seedlings into large pots, mulching everything and getting our cucumber and sweetcorn into the veggie patch. We planted all the larger things into the back garden including a lime tree, kiwi fruit tree and lots of colourful shrubs and flowers which we are encouraging to grow up the fence.
Everything got well watered and mulched as the weather was so hot and sunny and I am now on intensive watering duty to make sure everything stays alive until the new plants can properly take root.

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