Dec 2, 2011

Low Maintenance Side Garden

The area down the side of the fence before the make over.
The side driveway has had a revamp and the scraggy grass and weeds have made way for railway sleepers and a selection of cordylines.

As you can see - a bit of a mess.
The fence got a lick of paint to match the gates and gutters and a few nails here and there to straighten it out.

Please note, I did the whole paint job on my own with zero assistance from Mr L'Orange - he was busy playing squash and having beers.

The primer going on.

We edged the section with railway sleepers and built a garden bed behind them. Ornate pebbles went on top of weed mat in the area right next to the house.

These cost a small fortune so we are off to find either a pebbly beach or pebbly river bed when we next need some.

The finished pebble bed.
We are planning to creosote the sleepers so they go a nice dark brown colour and get some ornamental mulch on to the soil to keep down the weeds and create a nice arty effect. More pebbles will go in front of the sleepers to keep the grass down and in the corner where the gate opens.

We are going for a completely low maintenance approach for this section of the garden, will let you know how it turns out. See below some pictures of the progress.

The finished effect!

A close up of my pink cordyline.
Be warned, this quick ‘weekend project’ has turned into a 3 month job with more still required!

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