Feb 18, 2012

Orange Picnic Races 2012

Mr L’Orange & I got dressed up on Saturday and headed to the Orange Picnic Races for a day of tipping, socialising, eating & drinking. Luckliy the rain forecast never appeared and the turf wasn’t too muddy so all was well.

The race course - centre of the action

The lovely Ellie & I with bubbles

We joined friends in a marquee and added our plate of food to the huge spread already laid out, there were so many delicious things to choose from we were truly spoilt.

The food in our tent was so good, we managed to barter plates of food for free drinks later in the day!

The amazing spread of food in our tent

The actual horse racing and betting seemed to be fairly secondary at this event and far more focus goes into drinking and socialising. Maybe it was just me, but there didn’t seem to be all that many people at the races, compared to other race meets I’ve been to. Perhaps the people were all in their tents socialising?

The ladie's 'fashion on the field'

Unfortunately none of my few bets got lucky and Mr L’Orange didn’t win fashions on the field, although he did look very dashing.

The men's 'fashion on the field'

Stud muffins

The best hat competition
We managed to share lifts home with pregnant people (handy there were so many of them!) and after stopping for a glass of champagne en route we headed to the infamous Canoblas Hotel for some g & t’s and a dance to the band.

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  1. Love Orange Picnics, I have attended on many occasions but alas not this year. Glad you had a great day.