Feb 17, 2012

Veggie Bartering System

The best thing about having a veggie patch in the country is that you can start a nice little bartering system going as everyone has their own patch. Whenever we have an over supply of a certain fruit or vegetable we always take some to work or give them to friends/family or neighbours.

In return, they all do the same back when they have something in plentiful supply. Allowing us to try plenty of new things, find out what grows well in Orange and get the chance to swap recipe ideas.
So far we have received for free:
4 cos lettuces
1 large bag of blueberries
3 tomato plants
1 large bag of string beans
2 dozen fresh eggs
1 large bag of lebanese cucumbers
1 bag of purple beans
1 handful of baby egg plants (aubergine)
1 jar of coriander seeds
1 lemon grass plant

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