Apr 16, 2012

Cold snap

We have had our first cold patch already, last Monday night the temperature plummeted to zero degrees in Orange. When I left for work on Tuesday morning it was 3 degrees and I had to scrape ice from the front windscreen. This cold front usually doesn’t hit until late April, early May so it has taken everyone by surprise. Funny to think we were in shorts over the weekend and winter woollies at the start of the week.

The heating went on for the first time this year, so the L’Orange house is at least nice and toasty. Mr L’Orange’s next project is to insulate the underneath of the house as we can feel cold gusts of wind coming up through the floorboards.

As usual our electric blanket has given up on us (we never seem to get more than a year of use out of them) so I am off to buy new ones today to try and make our winter sleeps just a tad more comfortable. We are feeling extremely fortunate that we at least got 2 weeks of good weather when we got back from overseas.

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