Apr 12, 2012

A Spot of Polo Darling?

Mr L'Orange and I spent our entire Easter weekend painting and flooring 'the Cabin' but do have some fun to look forward to  in the form of the Millamolong Polo Canival.

Having missed almost the entire thing last year (see here for the full saga), we are doing things properly this time around and we are hiring a tent and rounding up a big group of friends to join us - want to come?

The big event takes place on Sat 5th May and is pretty much a full day of good food, wine, horses and attractive polo players. It is also a bit of a last fandango before the colder weather set in and the people of Orange go into hibernation.

Everyone in our tent is going to bring a plate of food and then buy drinks from the bar so it is all nice and easy. All we need is  a bit of sunshine and it is going to be a brilliant day.

Any suggestions for a stand out 'picnic plate' I could make?

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