Jun 27, 2012

Two Years In Orange

Mr L’Orange and I are soon to celebrate our two year anniversary of moving to Orange – how time flies when you are busy doing house renovations. We clearly remember the day we moved here as it was so cold (minus 5 at night), all our plants died from shock and Mr L’Orange’s brother refused to visit again until summer!

Since we moved into Dalton St we have been engrossed in home and garden improvements and honestly feel all our hard work is slowly starting to pay off – at least now we have a warm house!

We felt we couldn’t let the special date go unnoticed, so we are throwing an Olympics themed party for our Orange friends. The timing is perfect as London 2012 is just around the corner plus everyone seems to have gone into winter hibernation here, so it is about time we got them in the party mood.

We have asked everyone to come dressed in their favourite Olympic sporting attire. Which I think is a pretty cool, yet easy theme for most people. Mr L’Orange and I are going to have to get busy creating an Olympic inspired décor for the party, burning torches would be fantastic… but maybe a tad dangerous after several drinks.

I thought you would like to see our rather funky party invite. Click here for a preview.

I’m trying to think up some Olympics influenced food – any suggestions LALO readers? I keep thinking food in the colours of the Olympic flag would be very cool except what am I going to make that is blue?

1 comment:

  1. Suggestions for blue food items so far include:
    ice cream with blue curacao
    blueberry cheesecake
    blue vodka jelly (my personal fav!)