Jun 28, 2012

Winter Garden Update

The one good thing about the colder weather is that we don’t have to cut the grass or weed the borders! This gives us a bit more free time to focus on all the other neglected areas, pretty much all the rest of the garden. Our goal is to try and have everything sorted out ‘dans le jardin’ before September so spring and summer can be spent relaxing and enjoying our efforts.

Trees in their autumn glory at the front of the house
I have been busy picking up dropped leaves, with 4 trees in the back garden and a whooping oak tree in the front this job often feels full time! We have got gravel down around the cabin and deck plus over the old concrete driveway which we are going to turn into a little private courtyard area for cabin guests. Check the next blog updates for more on this one.

Trees at the bag of the house - notice the leaf free lawn!
Last weekend I braved the biting wind and planted two new yellow roses for the front ‘yellow themed’ border. From the picture I should gets lots of roses and these ones have a lovely perfume to attract insects to the garden. 
Beetroot at the front and leeks at the back

Broccolli and onions on the right

Gnome standing guard
In the vegetable patch, I’ve planted (yet again because my last attempt failed) carrots and also spinach so we can have some yummy spring salads. The beetroot, leeks, onion and broccoli are still going strong but need to grow.

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