Aug 27, 2012

Garden Courtyard - Screening

We noticed the wooden supports were a bit on the shaking side, but Mr L'Orange thought they might improve when the screening pieces were added. 

The process of cutting the pieces of wood to size and then measuring up for placement then screwing them in and levelling to check they were straight took forever.

Especially when this task was being done with Mr L'Orange hung over and not in a particularly efficient frame of mind. I helped to out to try and speed things along and here are the results.

Only major muck up of the day was when I discovered after 2 hours of putting up screening that Mr L'Orange had purchased interior screws instead of exterior ones. This is what happens when Mr L'O is left to go to Bunnings alone with a hangover!

We couldn't face taking all the screws out and starting again so have just left them in and hope they don't rust. Other bad news is that the slight wobble has got worse now that the screening is attached, how to fix is the question?

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