Aug 26, 2012

Garden Courtyard Wooden Frame

With the footings solid, level and aligned with each other, it was time for the wood to go on, again another quick 30 minute job I thought....

I was left with the girl's job of priming
Just giving all the pieces of wood a couple of coats of primer took several hours and then it was the same again for Mr L'Orange and friend Martin to get the wood bolted into the footings and straight.

Mr L'Orange in action - note spirit level being used

Are they all straight...?
This is pretty much how the courtyard area looked at the end of the day, not quite the speedy project 
I had planned.
Fully erected and level post
Getting the posts all sitting straight with the level took a bit of time and we had to add a few packers 
to get a tight fit in the footing.

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