Aug 24, 2012

Garden Courtyard Footings

We wanted to put up some simple screening to create more privacy without making the area look too fenced. We are tying in with the screening effect used on the cabin and have plenty of materials left over from the cabin build which need to be used up. My whole plan was for this to be a cheap, quick and easy project.

Famous last words as they say. Image my disappointment that after forking out $180.00, way too long in Bunnings and then spending a couple of days on this project whilst the screening is barely started! I do ask myself, why all our garden DIY projects seem to turn out like this?

We got the footings put in despite a few issues with the string line, spirit level and quick set cement (i.e. using my good spade to mix the cement). Here are a few pictures of Mr L'Orange's handy work. 

There was much debate over whether the holes for the footings were deep enough, needless to say, we had to redo them and add more cement as everyone knows you can't have wobbly footings.

To see the wooden frame go up, check out the post tomorrow....

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