Aug 23, 2012

Latest Garden Project

Old leaky garage that was removed

With the removal of the big ugly white garage, we were left with a large horrible looking concrete slab next to the cabin that needed some love and attention. 

The garage took up a fair bit of space
We have decided to gravel the area and turn the space into a gorgeous little private courtyard, especially for our cabin guests and also for us to use whilst entertaining.

The space to the right of the cabin will become a courtyard
It is going to be Italian themed and when finished will include plants in pots (Italian influenced of course) as well as screening and a row of olive trees along the fence line to give us more privacy.

We are keen to have a fire pit in the centre of the courtyard and then we are planing to add a nice outdoor setting or bench here and there - I have plans for Mr L'Orange to make these himself but haven't mentioned this as yet so as not to put him off.

More posts on this project will be coming your way for the next week.....

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