Sep 6, 2012

Bike Ride In Orange

My lovely shiny new bike that Mr L’Orange bought me a year and half ago has languished in the shed unused for too long. But that is all about to change, with me finding some new bike buddies who like nothing better than to cycle 30km on a Sunday morning and stop off for coffee along the way.

My lack of bike fitness was apparent from the start, as I hauled my way up numerous hills ( I don’t do hills as a personal rule usually) and on some particularly big mountains I actually thought I was going to keel over and collapse. I was completely ready to start puffing on one of those asthma inhalers and I don’t even have asthma! 

Cycling in Orange (very hilly with bad roads) is very different from Sydney (flat with brand new bike paths and no cars), especially because it is so much colder. Despite wearing more layers than I have ever cycled in before, I was freezing and I forgot to bring gloves so my poor wee fingers went blue with cold. Not quite the relaxing Sunday morning jaunt I was imagining.

This isn't actually me looking good on a bike but the look I would like to go for...

The countryside we rode through was lovely and travelling at a slower pace means you can take in everything rather than flashing past in a car. I was extremely relieved to reach the Borenore Store where we stopped for coffee and I had a fantastic hot chocolate – I can highly recommend this place for Sunday morning refreshments. After 16.5km I was a bit over the hills, my legs ached, my fingers were sore and I didn’t feel much like getting back on the bike so Mr L’Orange came and rescued up.

To my shock, I felt terrible for the rest of the day – those hills really took their toll and I clearly need to do a lot more training. I had to go and lie down and leave Mr L’Orange to do all the DIY projects by himself. So the plan is to build up with a couple of shorter rides each week before embarking on any more long, hill filled routes. 

Bike Ride Directions
If you want to try the same Orange bike ride then you head out of Orange towards the racecourse and then follow Canoblas Rd, when you meet the T junction you need to turn right towards Lake Canoblas and then when you get back on to Cargo Rd turn left and finally turn right towards Borenore and Small Acres Cyder. Once you reach the Borenore store you can either go back the way you came or head out on the Escort Way back into Orange. 

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