Sep 13, 2012

Small Herb Garden

We had to get rid of our fig tree this year as the roots had wound their way around our sewer pipes and nobody wants raw sewage oozing out from under their deck.

The fig tree in April 2011 - full of fruit
Once the stump was chainsawed out we were left with a concrete square right between our kitchen and deck that looked pretty terrible.

Fig tree to left of pic
Mr L'Orange had the excellent idea of leaving the concrete and putting in a herb garden to satisfy all our culinary requirements, especially because the location is so close to the house.

We added lots of manure and compost to the area and then have tried to plant a couple of different types of seedlings each week. This makes it much easier to maintain and grow rather than planting everything in one go. We already had quite a few herbs in pots dotted around the garden so we just added them to their new wonderful big home and then bought seedlings on the cheap from the markets (you can't complain with 3 for $5).

So far our herb garden contains: lemon thyme, a curry plant, spring onions, rocket, baby spinach, baby bok choy, mixed leaves and flat leaf parsley.

We have purposely kept our garlic chives, mint and rosemary in pots as they have a tendancy to take over the entire plot.

I disguised the ugly concrete with some rocks and boulders we had lying about the garden. So far, the herb garden is growing really well and we have already had a salad from the leaves, which was delicious.

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