Sep 27, 2012

Drive Way Make Over

With the gorgeous cabin, cute courtyard and gravelled pathways, our old driveway was letting everything down. It consisted of a skinny strip of weeds, no lighting and not enough pebbles- not making it a particularly nice spot to walk up during the day, let alone on a dark night.

Your average neglected driveway

The entire driveway looked pretty bad

Mr L'Orange got busy digging out the 'weed strip' whilst I removed the bricks that got dug up and laid down weed mat to ensure we would have a nice low maintenance drive way in future.

You can see the weed mat down the left

Just took a few hours to do the whole of the back driveway
 We got pebbles delivered the next week which I shovelled into all the right places along the drive way and mixed them in with the existing pebbles we already had. We now have an awesome mottled blue and sand coloured pebble effect, which seems to work - what do you think?

The new look driveway

Smart & low maintenance driveway
You might spot that we have also added some solar lights amongst the plants and sensor security lights on the house so the walk up the driveway to the cabin is totally safe.

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