Sep 22, 2012

New Washing Line

When we cleared our garages and sheds to make way for our super fab new cabin, I sadly lost my existing washing line.

After several weeks of taking washing around to friend's houses to dry, I got a temporary washing line erected (a piece of rope between 2 trees) by a kindly person staying with us - who probably felt sorry for me.

Rustic Washing Line

This temporary measure has been in place for the last 8 months and hasn't really been big enough, doesn't get as much sun and is right at the end of the garden.

I managed to find a bargain hills hoist online a month ago and Mr L'Orange's parents kindly collected it for us. Unfortunately, the old lady I bought it off must have had the onset of dementia, as she assured me it would pull out and fold away and was packed up and ready for collection.

However, on arrival Mr L'Orange senior found it stuck in the ground with cement,  then spent an hour digging out the base with a bad shoulder, the old lady only knocked $10 off the price!!

Last weekend Mr L'Orange roped his brother in to help install the new washing line, Gary very kindly dug the hole (whilst not stepping on my new grass - unlike Mr L'Orange) and then started adding the quick set cement, Mr L'Orange had brought from the shed, to secure the post.

After about 20 minutes of trying to do this, I popped outside and noticed Mr L'Orange (who was somewhat hungover) trying to cement in the post with Gary with gap sand!

First load on the line

Somewhat frustrated, Gary had to dig out all the gap sand, find the correct bag of cement and start again.

New Washing Line Installed

The finished washing line is excellent, I can get several loads of washing on at once and being green it blends in with the garden. 

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