Oct 12, 2012

Factory Espresso - By Night

Orange has a new swinging hot spot in the form of the Factory Espresso cafe at night time. The decor is identical to the day time,  except with some candles on the tables so the atmosphere can prove a bit sterile.

My girlfriend and I were they only ones in the place for a good hour until larger groups starting wandering in. Clearly a bit more marketing needed to get the word out there that it is open for wine and food at night. I hope this does happen, just so I can continue to have somewhere good to go on a Friday!

Being the only ones there we got to settle into the comfy lounges, which have a very regal air about them!

The wine list features plenty of local wines along with several European additions to mix things up a bit. Nothing stands out, I'm sure most people will be going in for pimms, belinis & beers anyway. I'd say room for improvement, but better than the pub options of McWilliams or Rosemount.

The tapas ranging from $8 - $10 include bowls of olives (I'd be giving these away for free just to encourage people in), garlic potatoes with chorizo, pate & bread etc etc. Unfortunately like all forms of tapas outside of Spain, you don't get very much for your dollar.

I really like the concept and the opportunity to socialise somewhere trendy, probably just needs to be busier and offer better value to customers. I will definitely be going back in the interests of good market research of course!

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