Nov 23, 2012

Puppy Proof Fence

I left the house for a few hours yesterday to go to work and came back to find Mr L'Orange had completed a garden make over. This would definitely be classed as a rare event, so I had to make a big fuss and give lots of praise (bit like dealing with the puppy really!).

Not only had Mr L'Orange cut all the grass and trimmed the edges and done a general tidy up he had also built a fence around the herb garden.

Before - Bailey & I tending to the garden
This is to stop Dog A L'Orange digging amongst the herbs, trampling eveything and biting off bits of spring onion. We are hoping that we won't have to have the fence forever, just until he moves out of his destructive puppy phase which I believe lasts 2 years!

After - the fabulous fencing
Mr L'Orange has also erected some fencing around the veggie patch as Dog A L'Orange is trampling all the seedlings and we now have 2 instead of 32 spanish onions growing. He has also managed to pull out the carrots - naughty puppy!

What a professional looking fence Mr L'Orange!

No more puppy in the veggie patch now.
He has been smacked numerous times when he jumps into the veggie patch but clearly loves going in there when we are not around - he is actually quite into gardening (just like his mum) except he rarely helps and instead just gets in the way.

For every two weeds I pull out and place in the bucket, Dog A L'Orange manages to throw one back on the ground and never seems to tire of this game unfortunately.

Finally,  Mr L'Orange also added some protection to our Japanese Maple which Dog A L'Orange likes to chew when he gets the chance.

Protected for now

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