Nov 30, 2012

Disaster Amongst The Fruit Trees

The last few weeks in Orange have been very hot - this week the thermometer has been hitting 30 degrees on a frighteningly regular basis.

All the warm weather leads to everything getting super dry (our grass is brown and yellow) and lots of major thunder storms.

On Wednesday this week, Orange was hit by a massive storm which had the usually heavy rain, accompanied by hail, strong winds, lightening and thunder. I was out for a walk with Dog A L'Orange at the time which was pretty horrendous especially for the little puppy who was terrified, we ended up talking shelter in some public ladies toilets for 20 minutes!

We arrived back at the house drenched and cold, we won't be going for walks with storms on the way again. Alas we didn't get any pictures, but just imagine myself and Bailey looking like we had just come out of the shower with clothes on.

The winds during the storm were strong enough to cause quite a bit of damage to our garden. Because our fruit trees are laden with fruit at the moment it means the branches are heavy and don't cope well in gale force wind.

Major damage - half the tree has gone!
We have lost a huge branch from the nectarine tree and a whole bucketful of plums and apricots from the other trees, so sad! 
Dog A L'Orange & Fallen Branch
The garden is now covered in leaves, dropped fruit and the many toys and chew things from Dog A L'Orange so basically it looks a mess.

Lost fruit
Fingers crossed we don't have too many more storms like the one this week or we won't have a single bit of fruit left to eat come January.

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