Mar 5, 2013

Wee Garden Update

Thought you might like to see some recent pictures of the garden. The veggie patch is producing lots of delicious fruit and veg at the moment and we are ready to plant in our new stock to enjoy over winter.

Cherry tomatoes in abundance
Lots of yummy zucchini

Our sole eggplant
The garden beds are looking really good after some recent rain and we are feeling as if all the plants are really starting to take to their new homes. Keeping on top of the weeds in the new beds is another challenge altogether, however it won't be long before winter is here and we can have a break from weeding.

New garden bed with daisy flower sculptures
We picked up the daisy sculptures at the Mudgee Garden Sculpture exhibition last October. They blend in really well with the garden, I'm very happy with my purchase.

White hibiscus with piggy sculpture
We had a huge pile of rocks that were cluttering up the garden so I decided to plonk them in the garden beds for now to give a bit of a rustic effect. We can always move them later when the plants get bigger and we get around to building a water feature.

Hope you have a great rest of the week.

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