Mar 1, 2013

Wet & Wild Weather in Orange

We had some seriously wild weather over the last week with lashing rain, strong winds and everything else nasty the elements could throw at us. The garden at least has had a really good water, which has been long overdue with the heat of the last few months. According to other locals I have spoken with, Orange has not seen temperatures like this spring/summer for the last 10 years. 

Sadly I have to report the deaths of many plants and trees over the last 6 months, despite my best efforts to keep everything alive. I have been watering furiously (unassisted by Mr L'Orange please note), however many of the plants just can't cope with the extreme dry we have faced.

The casualty list reads as follows:
Rose bush
Japanese Maple (this was a wedding gift)
Olive Tree
Petunias (during the hail storm a month ago)
Pink Cordylite (we suspect the dog has assisted in wreaking this one)
All the tube stock ground cover I planted in spring
Fuchsia plant

So cute and well behaved as a little puppy
Dog A L'Orange has also managed to do his fare share of destruction and has eaten my Ponsietta another two Olive Trees, numerous Agapanthas and a Passionfruit plant.

The hole where the olive tree once was...

...remains of the chewed up olive tree

Tell tale dirty nose on Dog A L'Orange
All in all this has been a pretty expensive and sad period, especially given all the hard work in planting and caring for the plants over the last 18 months.

Trying to protect our remaining assets
Have decided there is little point in buying anything new whilst Dog A L'Orange is in destructive mode, I'm happy to take cuttings though and get them going in the front garden our of reach of Bailey!

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