Jun 28, 2013

Winter Garden Update

We have been busy getting the garden ready for the long Orange winter. Leaf raking has been a major chore as all of our trees are now bare and the lawn has been newly coated in leaves each week. However, raking is a nice little work out and far easier than aerating the lawn with a fork which has been my other winter project, whilst Mr L'Orange prefers to watch 'Breaking Bad.'

We have had a massive mulching effort around the garden with two full ute loads of mulch deposited into our garden beds and around the trees. It was totally exhausting work and we probably need to do another couple of loads to get everything finished. However, the mulch looks good and will hopefully keep the weeds and bay and our soil nice and moist.

I've purchased some cumquats for either side of the cabin door, which I like as they have leaves all year round and will produce some fruit with any luck. They look really good in the pots and can get shaped more as they grow - can't wait to do a spot of topiary!

To bring in some colour, I've planted up some pots of pansies around the front door and one of the beds. They make me smile every time I come home as they are so pretty and delicate.

Mr L'Orange (if I can drag him away from the TV) and I have a few more projects to complete over winter, mainly moving plants around and sorting out the planting around the courtyard and then we can sit back and relax.

Loads of lemons

Bare trees

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